• Project Solution Architect
  • 35 years old
  • Lost a tooth in a biking accident, plays the bass in a rockband

A positive switch from technical to functional

“I started as a developer at Itineris, but after about 2 years, there was a need for extra functional support at a project in The Netherlands, so I was asked to contribute in a role that was partly functional and partly technical. I liked this new position, because it allowed me to work with customers, to describe what they wanted in a functional sense and next to develop this technically. Project after project, I gradually evolved from a purely technical role to a more functional role. One thing led to another and I was hooked to the functional domain… I now work as a Solution Architect on a project for a multi-utility supplier in The Netherlands offering energy, internet, digital television, etc. to its customers. I lead the team whilst maintaining a helicopter view of the scope and the functionality and I also interact with several external parties. The job includes all aspects of management… with a relatively short lead-time.”

“I am particularly pleased with my switch from a technical to a functional role. Although both have their advantages, the functional roles have opened many doors in my career. Yet, I am convinced that my technical knowledge has added a lot of value to my activities in functional roles.”

Why Itineris? Personal approach, recognition & satisfaction

“I joined Itineris through an IT service provider. I had the option to start elsewhere, but I decided to sign a contract with Itineris because of their personal approach during the recruitment process. It was a very open conversation about how Itineris works and answered many of my questions. There was still a lot I needed to learn about AX, the world of utilities, etc. But I immediately noticed that they made time for me… I’m now an “Itinerian” for 7 years and I have had a great time so far. I see Itineris as a company with a lot of ambition, a company that may not have all the answers yet for the future, but really wants to go the distance to look for ways to grow and do things in the best possible way even though that may not always be the easiest way. Itineris is a company that has given me plenty of recognition and satisfaction through its customers, employees and management team. We regularly give each other a pat on the back and encourage each other to go further…. When you work on projects for a long time, you bond with your colleagues. You strive towards the same goal and when you achieve that goal, you experience absolute euphoria together with the customer. That is also 100% satisfaction.”

Is there another side of the coin? Yes and no…

“Sometimes I am away from home a lot because of several international projects. Of course I try not to burn the candle at both ends. There is still plenty of time for my other passions: playing music, participating in quizzes, jamming with my rock band & quietly making big plans to conquer the music scene, going out for a romantic dinner with my girlfriend, taking in the odd festival, etc.”