• Project Manager
  • 39 years old
  • She’s a brilliant mom

Home in fast paced industries & IT project management

“I’ve always worked in fast paced industries. Whether it be Telecom, ISP or Utilities, these sectors provided me with the drive and opportunity to become the experienced project manager I am today. I started my career within Belgacom as an International Telecommunication Union Billing and Collections advisor and decided after 4 years to join Aramiska BV, an early stage high-tech satellite ISP operating from the Netherlands with a customer base throughout Europe where I was Customer Services Director. In the light of the changing and challenging market conditions of the utilities industry – with the upcoming liberalization waves – I decided to extend my career as a Project Manager in the IT sector. Why you might ask? Project management is not ‘something we do along with other things.’ Project management is a true profession and project managers are the key to delivering successful projects.”

“I joined Itineris in 2007, first as a senior consultant, but quickly took on the role of project manager for one of Itineris’ customers in the Netherlands implementing the UMAX solution at B2C utility player and I’m loving it ever since.”