• Technical Solutions Architect
  • 41 years old
  • Fervent guitarist, since 1995 member of Flatcat

From coding to a helicopter view

Dirk’s focus at Itineris is twofold: sales & innovation. As a member of the business development team, he cooperates on sales tracks and examines what kind of new technologies Itineris can deploy to service its customers even better.

“The primary aspect of my job is scrutinizing the application landscape of a customer: what kinds of systems are present, what functions do they have and how do all of these systems work together to support the business processes? Next, I try to figure out how our solution fits into that application landscape. I started my career as a developer, but over time, I wanted to have more of a helicopter-view rather than dive into the code.”

Doing things my way: structure

“There are always deadlines you have to take into account, but if I know for example that I have to deliver something by the end of next week, I find it difficult to say ‘okay, let’s work this out tomorrow morning’. I’ll start thinking about it in my car, I’ll try to give some structure to it and whenever I feel ready, I’ll write it down. I attach great importance to working on performance-related delivery. You could say I like to do things my way. Starting and ending my work day at the same time each day is not my cup of tea.”

A huge jigsaw: work, private & musical career

Apart from being a Technical Solution Architect and a loving dad of two children, Dirk is also part of a punk rock band.

“My brother and I started out Flatcat when we were still in high school together with two others. After nineteen years, we are still going strong with a new album coming out. We have several shows planned in the next few months in Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.”

“It is a tremendous challenge to combine everything, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. There’s not much time for sitting down, my television is never on. Getting everything done each week (both private and professionally) often feels like putting together a jigsaw against the clock, but I prefer this way of living over a fixed pattern each day. I often work during the weekend to be able to go home earlier during the week. Every Tuesday I work from home so I can pick up my kids at school. This rhythm suits me now, but might change over time if I start working on a new project. Variation is crucial, I get a kick out of trying something new!”