• Scrum Master
  • 36 years old
  • One of Itineris' first employees, likes table soccer

A look the future and back

Christophe joined the company as of ‘day 1’ and was Itineris’ first hire, when the company was housed in temporary container offices.

“After graduating I started working in the Navision world for six months, but I decided to move towards Dynamics AX, because I find it much more challenging and sophisticated. I never could have imagined where we would be today. At first I was mainly very motivated to learn, but over time, I saw there was an enormous growth and that I could be an integral part of that. The company has certainly not stood still for the past ten years … and neither did I.”

International comradeship

Christophe also attaches great importance to the feeling of cohesion in the team.

“When working on a project, you often spend a couple of days abroad and you participate in all kinds of social activities with the project team, which boosts a sense of camaraderie. The last weeks on the project prior to final deadline can be incredibly busy, stressful and crazy, but they are also very intense and fun. Together with the customer you’re heading for the home stretch. You are finally able to see the end result of what you have been working on for months: UMAX goes live and supports the utility company in servicing thousands of consumers.”

A project or internal role: simply loving both

After his project experiences at Itineris, Christophe adopted an internal role. When asking which he likes best, he finds it a very difficult choice to make.

“I simply love both. Each role has its qualities and I like the fact that you have these different options here. Working in an internal scrum team eventually does not differ from working on a project all that much. In both cases you have a group of people working closely together over a longer period so you automatically create a bond. Project work gives you the opportunity to travel more, whereas an internal role offers you the possibility to work closer to home. I chose an internal role because of the trust that was bestowed upon me and the responsibility I feel for the domain I’m working in.

My team & domain, my passion

When scrum teams were introduced, Christophe indicated that he wanted to take up a more managing and coaching role. When new colleagues join the team, he ensures they get the required coaching, their potential is discovered and that they integrate well into the team.

“It pleases me to see junior consultants evolve and hear them give positive feedback about the team. I want to bring everything to a successful end with my team and I look forward to accomplish many more great achievements together!”