• Service Delivery Consultant
  • 36 years old
  • He was born with a computer vibe

Kaleidoscopic role as a Service Delivery Consultant

Initially, Bob applied for a different position. Yet, during the recruitment process, it turned out that another position might suit him even better.

“This is the first time that I work as a Service Delivery Consultant and it is much more kaleidoscopic than I originally would have imagined. In simple terms, I make sure problems are solved and infrastructure & application remain active and stable, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. This can range from solving tickets or assisting on a proposal for new functionality to multiple discussions on whether or not to upgrade the customers’ hardware. I particularly enjoy the interaction with the customer and feel like I can make a real contribution.

An immediate click thanks to the atmosphere

After commuting to Brussels for nine years, Bob wanted to work closer to home.

“I wanted to redirect my career and was looking for a new challenge. I was keeping track of a number of companies in the region of Ghent, Itineris being one of them. Walking into the Itineris building for the first time for an interview, I felt an immediate click. It struck me as a company with a great feeling of unity and with people moving in the same direction towards one goal. Other companies which I visited for a job interview seemed to have less of a collegial atmosphere.”

The Itineris ‘drive’

“There is an enormous drive here that resonates throughout the company. Everyone has a lot of work and really wants to get things done. It’s a powerful, motivating force I draw a lot of energy from. People here support and help each other wherever possible, a huge difference compared to where I come from. The fact that you can have your say in things also appeals to me. For example, I find it exciting to engage in discussions with peers, clients or my manager, explore unknown territory and naturally put in my ‘two cents’.”

It was written in the ‘computer’ stars

You could say it was written in the stars that Bob would end up as a computer scientist.

“At the age of seven, retyping code from books was my hobby. Yet in my current Service Delivery role, it is more important be able to deal with people rather than be a real techie. You also have to be resilient and be able to take some blows every once in a while, as you are often in the middle of conflicting needs: the customer on the one hand, who wants you to solve the occurring problem as fast as possible and your colleagues on the other hand, who can help you, but might not always – immediately – have the time to do so. However, the feeling of satisfaction is high whenever you resolve something. Both Itineris and the customer show their true appreciation.”