• .Net Technical Consultant
  • 39 years old
  • Enjoys traveling, with as recent highlight: the Himalaya's

Interesting:  sector, job, commute

People with no previous experience in the utility sector don’t have to be afraid to take the plunge, according to Bernard.

The energy market shouldn’t be daunting, you are faced with so many different situations: start-ups, established companies, regulated (liberalized) versus non-regulated market … Like the utility sector, Itineris also has multiple domains (such as finance or prospect-to-contract) and we all find one that suits us best. For example, I sit next to one colleague who is absorbed in the details of the coding and another who is captivated by the communication between the different market parties in the utility space.”

In his 4 years at Itineris, Bernard’s principal focus is output management and .NET technology.

“Itineris’ focus on Microsoft technology as well as the company’s innovative approach and a healthy business model was immediately very appealing to me. Utilities are a very clear-cut, specific segment. Plus, the fact that I can work close to home and don’t have to be stuck in a traffic jam every day also counts as a bonus!”

Why I like working at Itineris: variation

“I’ve been working here for some years now and among Itineris’ strongest assets are most definitely my colleagues, plus the general atmosphere, a remarkable lack of politics, the opportunity to take up a variety of tasks and to guide your career in the direction you want it to take. My own track record here is quite diverse; I worked as a tester, did presales activities, was involved in building our software solution UMAX® as well as in implementing it at the customer and so much more. At Itineris there are also many occasions on which you can exert a defining influence and make sure the organisation keeps improving, year after year.”

Passionate about IT on the job & after work

Bernard’s fascination with the agile world is not limited to Itineris; he is an active community member who gives workshops and attends agile conferences in his spare time.

“You get inspired, get a fresh perspective or take on things and you stay in touch with how everything is evolving. Naturally I like to share my new insights with my colleagues by giving presentations or through knowledge cafés covering topics that fire my enthusiasm. Recently, I gave an internal training called ‘Nine Boxes’ to a project team about a particular interview technique consultants can use to enhance analysis and listening capabilities. You learn how to ask the correct questions to come to the right requirements in an effective way.”