We’re a young & dynamic company and this is also reflected by our employees. Each employee is an expert in his or her domain, passionate about energy and/or bitten by IT.

Discover why they opted to work for Itineris, how it is to work for us and what a day on the job looks like. Click on the persons of your choice, matching your ambitions, interests etc. and discover their stories.

Meet some of the Itineris employees

  • phyline-v

    Phyline V.

    • 28 years old
    • Test Engineer
  • sven-j

    Sven J.

    • 43 years old
    • Sr Technical Consultant
  • bernard-v

    Bernard V.

    • 39 years old
    • .Net Technical Consultant
  • fabienne-v

    Fabienne V.

    • 39 years old
    • Project Manager
  • yann-v

    Yann V.

    • 30 years old
    • Functional Analyst
  • sofie-l

    Sofie L.

    • 41 years old
    • Product Solution & Functional Architect
  • ghislain-a

    Ghislain A.

    • 35 years old
    • Project Solution Architect
  • dirk-l

    Dirk L.

    • 41 years old
    • Technical Solutions Architect
  • bob-l

    Bob L.

    • 36 years old
    • Service Delivery Consultant
  • christophe-v

    Christophe V.

    • 36 years old
    • Scrum Master

Discover the ‘fun factor’ at Itineris

Below a selection and overview of some fun events at Itineris, we’re not an ‘ordinary company’.